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About Freediver
Deepsnorkel Equipment

                         for FUN and also for BOATOWNERS

++ anywhere in the world ++ independent of the scuba diving base ++

You will be able to instantly carry out repairs and inspections on the underwater vessels without any concerns.

Start your own expedition into the unique world of coral and fish.

                 Take the advantage of the versatility of the 

Carry out repairs and inspection in your underwater vessel without outside help.
> loose rope ends in the propeller
> beaching – inspecting the hull 
> cleaning the boat hull
> stuck anchor
For those who restrict the use of equipment solely for work on the underwater vessel, the "BOATDECKsnorkel" - set will also be sufficient.

Anywhere in the world, independent of the scuba diving bases, you can immediately start your own expedition into the unique world of coral and fish. 
The fascinating world of coral and fish is revealed to you just a few meters below the sea surface. Thanks to an additional breathing system, two people can Deepsnorkel at the same time.
Children can also experience the fascinating underwater world accompanied by an adult.
Experience for yourself what you had only known until now through photos and films!

“Freediver is a yacht accessory, which I don’t ever want to be
without again. It should be part of every yacht’s standard equipment.”

Bobby Schenk
renowned German circumnavigator, book author, sailing legend
and satisfied Freediver customer


“Freediver is a very important yacht accessory.”

renowned Austrian circumnavigator, and also satisfied Freediver customer


“This thing should be part of the equipment on every yacht, just like a dingy or a GPS…
This Invention is brilliant!”

Rafael Stucke
 - skipper -


“After a few minutes deepsnorkelling I could hardly get my guests out of
the water. That Freediver also represents a considerable safety
potential, I can confirm from my own experience.”
M. Hüttenberger
- skipper -


“The Freediver apparatus keeps everything the manufacturer promises. Small, robust, perfect clean processing, as well as a good stable housing. The device meets the manufacturer’s technical data.”
Konrad Gatzka
- professional scuba diver, test diver


An absolute MUST HAVE for all yacht owners and skippers and on top it’s fun for EVERYBODY.”
Mallorca, Ibiza - Spain