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                    Made in Germany (Friolzheim / Stuttgart)

Freediver was established in 1995 and was worldwide the first company who develops a 12V system for deep-snorkeling.

Freediver is also worldwide the first (simply and solely) manufacture of 12V Surface Operated Snorkel Device (Deep-Snorkeling-Systems) who give since 2006 a guarantee of 10 years for the deluxe-units with special regulator and jacket.

With the Freediver system, even first time deepsnorkler can experience the fascinating underwater world. Freediver’s range of deepsnorkel systems are ideal for safe, fun, family deepsnorkeling, they are also the perfect tool for: 
> Hull inspections > Boat maintenance and emergencies > Resort introductory deepsnorkeling > Pool maintenance

The Freediver units are:
Light, compact and definite portable > the lightest 12V compressor (free-floating system)

Since 1995 - tried and tested around the world from our customer.   For emergency detangles, retrievals or repairs, cleaning the boat hull and extending the frequency between slipping the boat.

How does the systems work?
The Freediver range of products utilizes a small but highly efficient 12 volt operated air piston compressor (Long life, high performance, oil-less, non-lubricated piston and cylinder since 2002) and a combination of diving components to provide a realistic and safe alternative to snorkel a little bit deeper (deepsnorkeling). We have two different types of units, the BOATDECKsnorkel remains on your boat and is powered by the boat's battery (perfect for underwater boat maintenance) and the FUN- / BOATsnorkel who floats on the surface, powered by it's own internal rechargeable battery (are remains also on your boat and is powered by it's own internal battery are with the boat's battery).

From 1995 – 2002, the old Freediver system was a oil-less diaphragm compressor.

The air supply!
As Freediver developed a special maintenance free mini air compressor, it draws in fresh air from the surface and then compresses it inside the unit.  The compressed air supply  then the deepsnorkler. All the equipment needed to breathe underwater floats on the surface, which means you don't have to wear any bulky equipment, making your deepsnorkeling really enjoyable.

How long can you deepsnorkel?
The Freediver FUN- / BOATsnorkel (floating model) carries it's own rechargeable battery 12V 22 Ah (12V 30Ah).  Typically, this will provide a running time of approximately 50 minutes (75 minutes). The Freediver BOATDECKsnorkel (boat model) is designed to run from your boat's batteries bank (or a other auxiliary battery). The running time depends on the size of your battery. 

How do you know when the Freediver battery or the boat battery is running out of power?
As the battery gets towards the end of it's charge, the pump starts to gradually slow.  This causes the divers to slowly return to the surface - safely controlling their ascent rate. 

What sort of power is required to run the Freediver units?
The boat models with any external 12 Volt power source and the floating model with the integrated 12V battery.
The compressors in each model is designed to run on 12 volts DC.
When performing underwater boat maintenance, direct connection to the boat's batteries is the most common form of power supply - also for the floating model.